Styling your Arrangements

Each Brockley Botanist arrangement is different and ultimately up to you how you choose to style it. Whether that's separating it up into tiny individual jars of flowers or keeping it all together in one show stopping piece, there's absolutely no single way to style our flowers. That being said, the below tips and approach will get you on your way to being a pro flower stylist.

Before you begin:

-Don't cut any of the stems until you've decided on the vase you're choosing to display your flowers in. Once you've chosen it, measure each stem by placing it in the vase and working out what height you want it to be and trim the stem accordingly. You want to make sure not every flower is at the exact same height and that there is some variance, whilst ensuring they roughly sit at a similar height.

-Decide where you want to display your arrangement. This will let you know if you need to style for 360 degree visibility or whether you want to move more of your hero flowers to the front of your vase if it's up against a wall. (You can always rearrange if you move your vase at a later date, this choice isn't forever!)

Styling your Arrangement:

1. Start with any grasses, wheat or lagarus heads. Evenly distribute them around your vase. 









2. Then add in any foliage: eucalyptus or more leafy stems. You want to ensure you're placing them evenly around the vase but at the same time mixing up whether they appear in front or behind the stems that are already in there, this will help it look cohesive and not layered. 








3. Now you want to start bringing in more of the hero stems, starting with any that are closer in colour to your foliage, for example the thistles.








4. Before progressing on to bringing in your pops of colour. If your vase is against a wall, consider having more of them towards the front for maximum visibility. 








And there you have it! A beautiful Brockley arrangement. 

Arrangement- specific tips:

-The white broom bloom grass, as seen in the Peckham Rye and the Dulwich, works best when it is bunched together into 3 or 4 sections and dispersed around the arrangement. 

-The Blackheath works either as a tightly bunched arrangement or more dispersed in a wider vase as below.

-The single stems can be added to any of our arrangements to make them feel even fuller or used on their own. 

Please reach out if you have any questions related to styling your flowers, we are always happy to help and advise!