Our Mission

Cut flowers are an incredible way to decorate your home, to gift, to lift the spirits or to bring the beauty of the outside, inside. 

Our mission is to bring a more sustainable, longer-lasting and ultimately better value for money option than buying fresh flowers regularly through dehydrated flowers. When looked after, our bunches can last for years, so they truly are an investment that will keep delivering over and over compared to a fresh bunch which will wither after 10 days or so.

We also want to challenge the stigma for many that dried flowers always look dead, brown and brittle as we believe that with careful sourcing and curating this is absolutely not the case.

We have tried and tested many different variations and have chosen arrangements that champion flowers which still look beautiful when they are dried: foliage, seed heads, grasses, small buds and flowers that aren't heavily petaled. This way our bunches always look colourful and vibrant, never brown or dead-looking. Not only this, but we always source high quality flowers dehydrated at the peak of their health to ensure they look their best as a finished product.